How To Become a NSG Commando in 2024 : Avoid these common mistakes

Are you interested to know how to become a NSG Commando? All of you must have heard the name of NSG commando. NSG commando is the best commando in India.

NSG commando protect important people like the Prime Minister of India, President etc. NSG commando are appointed for the safety of those important people and to protect the country, so if you also want to become an NSG commando, then this article is for you. Because today in this article you will get complete information about NSG commando and how to become NSG commando.

What is a NSG Commando?

The full name of NSG Commando is National Security Guard. NSG commando is the best commando in India and it is one of the top five special forces in the world. NSG commando always wear black clothes, black masks and black uniforms and also have black cat insignia on their dress. That’s why NSG commando are also called Black Cat commando.

NSG commando play the most important role in the security of the country. All the important people and VVIP people or celebrities in India, the bodyguards for their security are NSGs. These commando are especially deployed to fight against terrorism. Only those can become NSG who can even lay down their lives in the service of the country. NSGs are the most dangerous commando in the country. The basic mantra of NSG Force is “Sarvatra Surakshit Suraksha” (one for all, all for one). The training of NSG commando is very tough. Its biggest objective is that the most qualified people can be selected.

How to become an NSG commando?

NSG is a deputationist force so there is no direct entry to become an NSG commando.

In order to join the National Security Guards, you first have to join either the Indian army, Central Armed Police Forces or State Police. And to become a commando, you must also pass the training of NSG commando.

NSGs are formed by selecting specific jawans from various forces of India. 53% of the commando come from the Indian Army while the remaining 47% of the commando are selected from CRPF, ITBP, CISF.

NSG commando have 2 divisions SAG (Special Action Group) and SRG (Special Ranger Group). If you want to join the SAG department then it is mandatory for you to be in the Indian Army and if you want to enter the SRG group then you may be either from the Indian Army, State Police, Central Armed Police Forces, ITBP, CISF, SSB or BSF.

So, if you want to become a commando, then you have to join either the Indian army, Central Armed Police Forces or State Police first.

In order to join the Indian army as a Commission Officer, there are pathways through the NDA, CDS OTA and other direct technical entries.

To join the Indian army as a soldier one can participate in the state wise rallies conducted.

While joining the Central Armed Police Force, one can go through CAPF, assistant commander, SSC CPO examination or CAPF recruitment rallies.

Once you have joined the above mentioned forces of India, you can volunteer to join the NSG after some time.

Since the NSG is a deputationist force, every rank has different eligibility criteria. So,the candidates who will be able to fulfill all the eligibility criteria and training for Commandos are inducted into the NSG.

After induction all commando’s undergo the specialized training.

Eligibility Criteria For NSG commando

To become a commando, first of all you have to become a soldier or officer in the army.

For this, you have to pass class 10th or clear the equivalent exam. This qualification should be possessed by all caste, all category candidates because no relaxation has been given to any caste candidate to become a Commando.

Also, to become a Soldier, your age should be between 18 to 23 years.

Those soldiers are selected as National Security Guards who are completely healthy physically and mentally.

The candidate must be a citizen of India. The minimum height of the candidate should be 157 cm.

Your last 3 years record should be completely punishment free and you should not have received any major punishment during your entire service.

Your medical category should be in the shape 1 or A category and your general ACR (Annual Confidential Report) should not be below Good or Very Good.

Applicants are shortlisted on the basis of all these criteria.

Shortlisted candidates are checked through several psychological and physical tests, to see whether the candidate is suitable or not.

To become a commando, the selected candidate has to pass the National Security training which has been divided into several parts.

Married jawans and women are not given training and such jawans cannot apply for NSGs commando.

NSG commando Training

Commandos are given many types of training, such as to control terrorists in the event of terrorist attacks, to free the people kidnapped by terrorists, as well as to find and defuse the bomb, etc.

To become a commando one has to go through a multi-part training process.

In the first training, the jawans have to cross 26 types of difficulties, after that they are included in the training of 3 months.

During these 3 months of training, the soldiers were given training to complete different targets.

Apart from this, mental training of NSG is also taken which is very difficult.

In this training, the jawans are motivated to dedicate everything towards the country.

After training, a test is taken of the jawans who succeed, they are given a seal of peace.

During the training, commando are provided with fireballs, bullet barrage training, in which commando have to avoid fireballs and bullets.

Apart from this, NSGs are trained to fight without weapons and with weapons.

Many times a commando has to fire two to three thousand in a day.

commando have to hit 14 different targets within 25 seconds and all the targets can be different. The commando get only 28 to 30 seconds to hit all these targets together.

Salary of a NSG commando

The salary of NSG commando i.e. Black Cat commando depend on their experience. Although the salary can be around Rs 84,236 to Rs 2,39,654, these commando also get a bonus of Rs 10,000 to 15,000. Apart from this, the government also gives profit sharing and commission pay separately to NSG commando.


So candidates, we can say that becoming an NSG is a challenging process, which is full of dedication, preparation and hardships. It is a highly professional and trained army organization whose main objective is the security of the country. So, to participate in NSG, you need to be physically strong, mentally strong and determined in attitude.

To join NSG, you need to have the ability to deal with conflicts, high stability, team cooperation and exercise extreme training. This will ensure that you can successfully grow in NSG.

Ultimately, the journey of becoming commando is a proud and honorable experience. It is a unique opportunity to dedicate oneself to the service of the country. It gives a person a chance to stand in the face of struggles, testing immense perseverance and courage. Strategic competence, ethics and professional competence are considered important in the NSG. So, to become a commando you need up-to-date knowledge, preparedness and attitude. If you are empowered with these qualities, you can successfully join NSG and serve your country.

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How To Become a NSG Commando – FAQs

Q. What is the qualification for NSG Commando ?

To become an NSG commando, first of all you have to work for Indian Defence Forces and must or must become an Indian Army with three years of service. You must have a graduate degree in any subject and your age should be between 18 to 23 years.

Q. What is the salary of an NSG Commando ?

The salary of NSG commando i.e. Black Cat commando depending on their experience is around Rs 84,236 to Rs 2,39,654 per month.

Q. What is the minimum height required to become NSG Commando ?

The minimum height required for NSG commando is 157.5cm for men and 152cm for women.

Q. What are the job duties of a NSG Commando ?

NSG commando are given many types of duties, such as to control terrorists in the event of terrorist attacks, to free the people kidnapped by terrorists, as well as to find and defuse the bomb, counter hijacking on air, sea, land etc.

Q. Is it easy to become a NSG commando ?

No, it is not so easy to become a NSG commando. To become a NSG commando you will be given an intense level of training. There is an average dropout rate of 70-80%.